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Portrait of a kitty cat

More fun with digital painting on the iPad

When I asked my dad what I could paint to make him happy, he said he wanted a picture of his cat. The other day I posted my first attempt. When I showed this one to my dad he said, “Well, that’s a nice picture, but it’s not my cat.”

Aurora, first attempt, 2023.

She is notoriously evasive and hard to photograph, which is one of the reasons he wanted a picture. Here are some photos of the elusive feline.

Photos of the elusive feline, Aurora

This is my second attempt. I think it looks more like her, and I liked this one, but I wanted to keep going with the series.

Aurora II, 2023.

Once I loosened up and got more expressive, I started to have more fun with it.

Aurora III, 2023

This is the last one, for now.

Aurora IV, 2023

I think the more expressive ones capture her personality better. She’s a finicky and grumpy cat.

I ordered some greeting cards and a coffee mug for my dad. It should be interesting to see what he says.

The cat just has a funny look that I think will go with that grumpy morning coffee. If you agree and you want to support my work, I would be much appreciated if you buy one.

I’m thinking of developing an online course in digital painting and offering it by zoom. if I do it, we would meet once a week, I would do a short demo and give an assignment, and we would meet the next week for review and critique, followed by a new demo and a new assignment. I would record the calls in case people couldn’t make the live assignments. Do you think this sounds like something that might interest you? If so leave a note in the comments.

As always you can reply to this email or leave a comment in the Substack chat.

Hope all is well with you! Until next time,

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